Our Story

At Bug & Bean Kids, we believe in the power of a beautiful dress. Our mission is that all little girls know their infinite worth and potential and we believe that the way she dresses can help her discover that! We believe that this is important for young girls to learn early on because the confidence they gain while young will translate to better decisions, better opportunities, and a more fulfilling life. 

Bug & Bean Kids started during a time in my life when I felt a little lost and disconnected from who I truly am. I took a trip back to my childhood home which is situated in a canyon in NM and isolated from the world. It has always been a place of solace and clarity for me. After some much needed reflection I received inspiration for a dress company that I wanted to start. I have a passion for sewing little girl's dresses and I had been making and selling dresses under another company name but without real intention. I wanted to make a difference in the life of girls all over the world. The idea for Bug & Bean Kids was born and I immediately got started.

The name Bug and Bean are my own girl's nicknames. Marlee is my oldest and has adopted my childhood nickname Bug. Avery was just a little baby at the time and we started calling her Bean because she was growing like a little bean sprout! This is for them and for all girls. 

We hope that you will stand with us to teach our young girls how important they are and empower them to reach their full potential. The clothes that we wear do affect our self image and our drive. Each of our dresses are meticulously handmade with great care and with the intention to empower the little girls that wear them.

Thank you for supporting us on this mission!



Owner Bug & Bean Kids 

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